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Welcome to Goldstraw and Goostrey Genealogy, the home page of the Goldstraw and Goostrey family name group.
The purpose of this site is to inform and guide all those who have an interest in the surname Goldstraw, bringing them together as a common resource. Those who have already begun to research ancestry bearing the surname  of Goldstraw will, eventually, come across a time when the name merges and blends with the surname of Goostrey (Goostry, Goostree or some other variation in spelling) and it is for this reason that the surname Goostrey is included. For origins of the name, see "Dialect Plays A Part".

Recent information states that there are currently 509 Goldstraw families in various locations throughout the world. An estimated population of 1760 individuals currently using the surname of Goldstraw. It would seem that the most prominent location for current Goldstraw families is Staffordshire, England. We are as wide spread as The United States of America and Australia.

It is hoped that over time the efforts of all those who research the name can be pulled together to form a One Name Study Group which will fulfil the criteria laid down by the Guild of One Name Studies.

There are a great many researchers who already hold a good deal of the information required. It is the intention of the one name group to encourage the sharing of information freely amongst those who seek help in the well known friendship encountered by amateur genealogists throughout the world.

If you can help - in any way - great - or small, please join us in our endeavour. Your help will be appreciated by all those who share a common interest in the names of Goldstraw and Goostrey.

  • To provide information, please contact our Genealogical Information Co-ordinator, Joan Bell, via e- mail from the Contact page.
  • If you seek information please use our Forum  
  • There is a lot more to see on the site and the best place to root about is on our Site Map

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